Spiritual Growth: A Space for Seekers, Philosophers, Travelers, and Poetry

Spiritual Growth: A Space for Seekers, Philosophers, Travelers, and Poetry


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17 Apr 2021

Introduction to my book in process.

Introduction, Preface

    This book is written for thinkers on the fringes of society, for deeply spiritual people, and for those who believe in revolutions in consciousness. While I may have the feeling that my story, and new theories and ideas may be disagreeable to some people, those with an open-mind I hope may benefit. As I have always believed in the hopeful ‘coming together,’ among different generations of ages of people in humanity. It is my hope to reach and add benefit and interest, to both the young and the old. To the older members of society who can gain new insight and perspectives from what follows, and to the generations after mine, who have had even greater exposure to some things that I have had, with my experiences and lessons to be insightful and teaching to them. And that I know, that almost as if there is another version of me elsewhere in the sophisticated universe, that another millennial my age may relate significantly to some parts of my story and views.
    This novel is written in narrative form, with the intention to blend and draw from different genres of art. To that, a significant part of my life was dedicated to amassing and consuming many different forms of art, in film, music, and philosophy. As I always had the view that my life has been a film within a film, a dream within a dream, and art within art. In that I’m sure one reader may resonate with, I tend to have the ability or trait to become the art or person I consume.
    To connect their lives to mine in the collective unconscious and bring to consciousness, while maintaining and objectifying my distinct duality, is one of my intentions for this work. This, in hopes to summarize and draw conclusions for myself, as well as for the reader to take anything they wish out of it.
    At 27 years of age, I once posed a question on the Internet, if 27 was too young to write a memoir or story. After explaining what I would like to write about, several people replied, if you have a good story, go for it, as no age is too young to write. As I do believe I have a unique story with additional things to share, that has quality. I am thankful for those who have encouraged my writing, and in hopes that this work may benefit others; being my way of giving back to others through all my experiences and lessons..
    And also, at 27, as I explore themes of life and death in this work, I am reminded of the infamous ‘27 club;’ a list of noteworthy people who died at 27. I have found relation in this to my pain and challenges, that almost led to death many times. As several of the noteworthy figures who died at 27, had bipolar disorder, which I have been diagnosed with. With the strong connection of my experiences and visions to mental illness, I will later have some perspectives on mental illness, as well as ways in which our mental health system can improve.
    In some ways, in line with one of the books that has been an inspiration of mine, Man’s Search for Meaning, by Victor Frankl, I will begin by sharing the story of some time in my life. And as I believe that pictures can tell a thousand words, with the pictures I have always cherished having from around the world, in my life, within each chapter.
Then following in the second part of the book, to draw on those experiences to formulate reflections and new theories. These new theories, together with ideas that have been in existence, but expanded upon, and sourced. And dispersed throughout the novel and toward the end, to share my poetry, which most deeply describes my views and inner happenings.
    As this is an introduction of what is to come, I will share my ideal visions, but backed with sources and evidence, as I always wished to complete an intellectual or academic work; albeit this is not an academic novel. In hopes that it may relate to all, and not easily get stuck in an ivory tower.
    To have been everywhere I have, and seen all that I have, is a blessing that led to distinct and unique views I’ve had in my life. In my simple life at home, and then to the enriching cultural experiences I would later have, proved to give new insight and awareness to myself and others.
    I hope you take what you will from my story and ideas, no matter who or where you are in life. And if you are of any ethnicity or religion, as varying as they can be. And for those highly aware in their consciousness, or those just beginning their spiritual journey. And lastly, even those who may doubt what I say or question the ways I went about things, as well.

The wisdom gained in my life and travels, but also the folly, attracted manifestations of people’s curiosity. Further, the shift from the psychic realities of family life, evaporated and condensed, into the psychic thread of the collective unconscious; the connections with humanity and culture as a whole, is the story.

Thus, my intention in writing is to foster one individual's story, in his spiritual existence as a human being, in hopes that others may think about doing the same.

To acknowledge those dead, and thinkers who have influenced me over time, with their souls alway still alive through their works and soul, sharing this time with me, alive.

It is the story of a young child, to his present fascination of his reality to where it is now. There is only one person in the drop of the ocean.


Intro to my book. Contact for more info.