Spiritual Growth: A Space for Seekers, Philosophers, Travelers, and Poetry

Spiritual Growth: A Space for Seekers, Philosophers, Travelers, and Poetry


Relationship between COVID and Spirituality

A moral crisis, shrouded secrets, and lack of transparency, have led to the health and economic crisis we collectively share. It is not an outlandish conspiracy, or of a sole origin and many deaths, but somewhere in between, in my view.

Physical death is linked to a lack of conscience and the devil on Earth, as much as we can always rely on science to fix our plagues and sickness. Perhaps a new Englihtenment era will arise along with better moralistic convictions, as we need both to survive. 

Satanic Rings, Acting on your own terms

Pedophile rings

So if you don't do it on one love

They kill you and you go young

Then if they do it to you

Well you're also screwed

But I can choose, I've never touched one

Your lack of a decision 

Well half hearted muse

And what do I know of rings

I have had many of them

Covered in the weed like you sing

I was in a ring far before your life it seems

But I know what this means

You would never understand him or me

Or what a fathers love would be, so did Katie BD

And five years to this day, they never listened to what I say, because they had me all in it

I wish I didn't have to remember the lies and half truths this day

That the devil made an angel

Or an angel could still remember who he was

I was more right than they were, Daniel Craig did far worse.

A real woman showed me love and I forgot it all

Until the world tears us apart 

Would leave a scar

Like it did your love

And the way you'd act on whoever's terms

I'm sure there are things more timeless

Let me not react on your wish fulfillment and violence 

I'll make a choice 

A minor sentence 

Fair enough for this indiscretion.

I mean three weeks ago

However long ago

Well now the truth reveals 

Let me feel like I am somewhere new here

And what more could be revealed

As you revolve around your wheel.