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My life. My poetry, travel, and musings.


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29 Oct 2023

Brief thoughts on war and science

Regarding people who I have heard responding to my other thoughts:

I think your psychological type has a great deal to do with how you perceive the world.

I think Jung has a very accurate assesment of psychological types, and it is just as valid as big 5.

I think some people just try to dismiss religion and spirituality, but look at where their weaponry of technology has gotten them, two world wars and on the brink of the third.

The problem is people lose their ethics and values when they worship science and technology and only that.

People need to wake up to a spiritual reality that isn't blinded by their ideologies. We all have idealogies, but it creates something known as 'idealogical blindness' a term noted by a social psychologist.

Religions are also an ideology, so is extreme forms of science and bad science, and corrupted science. It is definitely also a religion that doesn't always even produce the best results.

You can have bad or extreme forms of everything.

So don't follow the crowd, question your beliefs and ways, be an independent critical thinker, above all else.

You need to be wise to all ways of thinking.

That is all, then maybe we will know peace, and not be religious or scientific killers with people, as I read in the news, asking chatgpt how to do terrible and demonic things like plan an attack or bomb somewhere.

That is all, to share some thoughts on my previous philosophies.


22 Oct 2023

My podcast and episode on spotify.

15 Oct 2023

My thoughts on the state of the wars and world today

There upstanding conflict in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Many sides blame each other for the conflict.

I believe people tried to impose roles views and values on one another.

People hate extremism. No one should be too extreme, it leads to conflict, and be tolerant and open to one another's views.

The world seems to be at war, but remember there is a whole world out there.

And so many of our conflicts are engineered, we believe what we read on the Internet.

People also profit off war, many people do, there is great incentive in it.

I think it was an evil attack on Isreal, and there is many infighting and groupthinking on extremist group.

I do believe, the individual prevails over group think concsiousness, just look at all the movements over history. 

The Arabs and Jews had peace in their history, they did have it, so peace is possible.

I know everything seems tough and a mess right now, in our own world and lives.

But we reality is what we create.

Hang in there.

14 Oct 2023


What beauty could I say

If a new woman approached me

I'm in the technocracy

She seems real to me

Only time will tell

I get lost in the other world

In the other worlds

And I see a new sight

But she can come to me

It is better this way too you see 

Is everything on a screen real and what it seems

Only time will tell

But we must get outside 

To see humanity

Still I am comfortable with where I am and what I see

Life is ok

I don't know which side is right

But they've been killing each other for centuries

But an open border

Maybe was a contrast to the wall

It is better?

Depends on your view

It is relative

I once roamed the world twice

But now I get lost at every sight

Struck and blind

She can come to me

And things will be alright

Maybe I get lost

Maybe I get so devasted

But what can be

The future is and always

What we imagine it to believe you see.

4 Oct 2023

Some things I haven't shared, even in my book

It was the illuminatti and New World Order Agenda that led to my arrest.

They gangstalk people and make you feel like you're the crazy one

It's little exclusive elite club, with an extensive rooted history that changed over time.

I even live alone, and they stalk me here too.

If this ever happens to you, rely on the people around you, the people you live with, and everyday citizens.

Be good to people. Don't let them try to gaslight you.

Who are they to prosecute, and judge you, when in reality they caused the whole mess.

And try to tell you it's you who's ill, when they were all involved.

Their job now is to just leave me to myself until the sentence date is over, which wasn't even a fair trial or plea to begin with. It was all wrong and unfaid

I write about it extensively, how other people have the same experiences that I had in another reality, with schizophrenia or whatever you want to call it but it is hust an alternate reality but a very real one.

They make it real, they gangstalk, gaslight, and persecute you. Most therapists are well meaning but they will even try to convince you that it all you when in reality there's a myriad of factors involved with other people who just try to label you with the disorder when in reality they were all playing a part in the etheric realm.

I can name names, plenty of names. I don't care. I did name a lot of them.  I have nothing to hide. They are people who sold their solds for worldly gain and are part of satanic abusive rings.

All part of their agenda and disinformation.

I'm not afraid of anything, I can live another day. This whole shady business and system has forced me to look at things in some better ways. No thanks to them.

I was treading along a dark path that they and accomplices led me on. However I certainly wasn't the only one involved. These people were also involved. I've taken resonsibility for my actions. they simply haven't.

They've persecuted me like they did all the freat speakers of truth, Bob Marley, Bill Hicks, 2pac, and many more. They did the same thing to me, but with setting me up to commit a crime, which the FBI is so often known to do, being forced to defend myself. Simply because I wrote about some things.

But this was a slow death. Still physical death is not the end, and you reap what you sow.

This is to all my friends, fans and allies. I cherish you.

5 Jun 2023

Where things are today in June 2023

It's a hot dry summer in Tucson, the locals are all around, still this place has changed so much.

I've been here for seven months, alone in my apartment, with my usual self.

Still doing probation, apparently they want to keep my on it for the full two years, still I want to get off at the year mark.

Technology and artificial intelligence are everywhere in our lives. It's crazy. I didn't think AI would become this developed so fast.

Sometimes I'm lost in the shuffle. I still practice my spirituality and faith in God, the spirit. Still have some addictions but trying to get better with them.

All the best to you if you are browsing through my website. One day I wish to travel again, but that is what I did my whole life, now I get lost sometimes within this technological revolution. And the conspiracies within it.

Life is strange. The illusion and the dream are even stranger. My dreams are bizarre and vivid. I try to be alive when I can, although I don't have many friends to do things with.

Here's hoping for the best. To another new year.

10 Apr 2021

How to Travel on a Budget.

  • Check out work and volunteer exchanges through WWOFing, Workaway, Worldpackers
  • Stay with friends or use apps like Couchsurfing
  • Buy and hitch rides, never buy overly priced tourist packages! Eurail costs more than traveling Europe on your own
  • East Asia and South America are cheaper to travel than Europe and North America, of course. Remember every country comes with pros and cons of travel
  • Hostel rooms offer less privacy but are cheaper than hotels, but there are some cheaper hotels that are better than many hostels. But if you are looking for better deals, then check out HostelWorld.
  • Do plenty of research to know what you will be exploring, check in with friends and family to see if they know people in the area.
  • Never buy any expensive packages to volunteer or work for someone, you can always do that without your payment. The world is too special for someone else to make money off your travels.
  • Check out a seasonal job through Coolworks.
  • Try to use tents and sleeping bags there can be some great parts if you're really on a budget.
  • Be cautious when going with some people, but also be open to an experience. Travel is full of chances and paths, not taking a chance might be one you regret.
3 Apr 2021

Intentions for This Website

I hope you take what you will from my story and ideas, no matter who or where you are in life. And if you are of any ethnicity or religion, as varying as they can be. And for those highly aware in their consciousness, or those just beginning their spiritual journey. And lastly, even those who may doubt what I say or question the ways I went about things, as well.

The wisdom gained in my life and travels, but also the folly, attracted manifestations of people’s curiosity. Further, the shift from the psychic realities of family life, evaporated and condensed, into the psychic thread of the collective unconscious; the connections with humanity and culture as a whole, is the story.

Thus, my intention in writing is to foster one individual's story, in his spiritual existence as a human being, in hopes that others may think about doing the same.

To acknowledge those dead, and thinkers who have influenced me over time, with their souls always still alive through their works and soul, sharing this time with me, alive.

It is the story of a young child, to his present fascination of his reality to where it is now. There is only one person in the drop of the ocean.



27 Feb 2021

Subjective and Objective Reality

Subjective reality is defined as one's personal experiences, while objective reality is based on physics that can be seen by everyone.

Often in our own experiences, not everyone can relate to the visceral experiences of the spirit within. Often defined as kundalini in Eastern religons, or God in Abrahamic religons, this energy is often part of the filling spiritual path.

However in objective reality, it is more based on science and physics, the laws that govern the universe. Subjective and Objective reality can often seem as polar opposites, but in reality they can go hand in hand.

Einstein's theory of relatively is compatible to time relative to space and in quantum mechanics. Scientists have discovered through the 'multiverse' theory, that there is much that goes on in space that isn't always objeservable to the naked eye.

Waves and electromagnetism can exist in space that isn't of a radio frequency. Particles can exist through quantum entaglement, and these theories are compatible with physical laws, through wave particle duality.

Regarding the war between sciences, and religon, they can be two sides of the same coin, however both organized religion and scientism have been displaced into unhealthy mechanisms without ethics and lacking the original intention of each

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