My life. My poetry, travel, and musings.

My life. My poetry, travel, and musings.


Poetry Part 2

Angels and Flight

Angels and Flight

Angel and Flight

My youth was such a part of me

My travels

My adventures

Then I became institutionalized

Then to try to return to your old way

And have it taken away in an instant

When you were doing nothing wrong, is sad

I think the old ways were better

Until they all knew who I was

A steady decline

In who we elect to office

And I wonder if I can ever travel the world again

Or have any peace in how I was wronged

And no one believed me

So search for my peace of mind with all these external forces 

As much as I can you see

A gift


What beauty could I say

If a new woman approached me

I'm in the technocracy

She seems real to me

Only time will tell

I get lost in the other world

In the other worlds

And I see a new sight

But she can come to me

It is better this way too you see 

Is everything on a screen real and what it seems

Only time will tell

But we must get outside 

To see humanity

Still I am comfortable with where I am and what I see

Life is ok

I don't know which side is right

But they've been killing each other for centuries

But an open border

Maybe was a contrast to the wall

It is better?

Depends on your view

It is relative

I once roamed the world twice

But now I get lost at every sight

Struck and blind

She can come to me

And things will be alright

Maybe I get lost

Maybe I get so devasted

But what can be

The future is and always

What we imagine it to believe you see.