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2 Jun 2024

Firstly I think

That you could have reached out to me personally

But there were no outlets

And things should be more peaceful and serene

And freedom should ring.

But it was digital enslavement

Who's gonna take the weight

Waking Life

And being truly free and why did you feel that way about me.

What's next

Stay tuned

1 Jun 2024

Screw with harassing and stalking po

I swear to God I know you read this.

And I am off probation but they are still harassing me.

Calling anyone in Tucson, go make his life hell against his injustice and sralking and abuse.

I am leaving Monday and I am not going to allow this to happen.

Maybe I will find a new life if things work out, maybe I will find a new way.

It's life or death to get out for freedom and wisdom and peace..

Bad people. And gangstalkers and the police should act on him

29 May 2024

What's in a name

People with white sounding names are better set up for success in the majority.

And, it's fact, with all my work, school and jobs.

So, I'm going to a place more tolerant.

And like MLK, let someone not be judged by their race ir color of their skin but by their character.

Whatever, I don't even believe she makes much more money than me anyways.

And J I can go by whatever name I want to go by.

It's a majority rules in America.

I hope she wakes up and sees the light.

Because mine has gotten so dim.

And I would not like to be judged on hiring applications for my name.

And any job.

They should fix that.

So should fix peace life and tranquility.

As wel general rest

And understanding, and wisdom.

27 May 2024

Well as is life

I am looking forward to taking a vacation this summer.

I try to be the love.

And I hope they accept me wherever I go.

Moving sounds promising, it's going to get crazy hot here.

And I have friends some of them who I am surrounded by and sort of just drown with me.

Although I hope to keep moving like I used to.

As I am trying to deal with plans life, and joy, and wisdom.

I hope I can contonue to ser the light.

Because some people make it very dark.

Although it doesn't have to be this way.

And wealth can be shared, not hoarded.

And the economy life can prosper when wealth and progressive taxes are resdistributes.

And I just meditate.

As I wait for them to improve.

I'll post some photos and experiences from my journey and quest.

would love to hear from you..

Keep updated for more of my life and experiences.


24 May 2024

Leaving for good in 9 days

At first I was going to live in the Netherlands.

I can work but Florida set me up with SSI

And they want to keep people stuck on that welfare trap.

And then the people here are misery

But misery loves company

And you can get me through the next nine days

While I look for a place

Or live in my tent.

The choice should work

There is plenty of ability.

And enough annoying people.

To get through it.

And find my way

On my own

Not what you're telling me

And they did this

I will be alive either way

I hope I can make it out alive

The least you can do

Is defend me from all this hurt and pain

And get me to a better plan

My own plan

My own way.

23 May 2024

I think it much more

Well. Send me away, to the mountains,

my gift,

my curse



my abuse

my prescriptions

my distance

my sadness

my loneliness

my lack of profit

because i was a free ride

and that's the way


you could go somewhere else

and dont harass

you all cheated

on me


i wish i could live my best life with someone

too bad they just want to trap me in my own devices

i hope you read this

and i know you've been here

I know you've been there

and it's blood

a cursed disco

a multiversal

beyond one dimensions

and maybe 

maybe my parents

and university 

would ever let me in

well i did more

i can get more

i hope 

send me away

hey mr millionaire

twice as nice when you share.

18 May 2024

Why do they?

I am officially free

But the dirty feds harass still

And Harris lied

And I know all the real things about people.

And their dirty money laundering

Causing inflation

And the civilians and community is fine

It's the dirty people I have to worry about

Of the people

And those girls can go screw themselves

And everything can be more content and wise

As I read, Jung, my therapist and others.

Wondering how did these people get so low

And they lie cheat and slander

And the reality unfolds

As I integrate the dark and light

Reminded of the good times

And their bullshit funding for vouchers

Because it all went in the administrators pockets

And not to you or anyone else themselves

And their dirty corruption

And fake bs

And they can go target someone else

As I'm reminded of my therapists who actually gave a shit

To listen understand comprehend

That the economy used to be much better

So they can go focus on the world problems

Not me myself

And all these wealthy millionaires and billionaires who you funded and made rich

Can try to my book for 7.99

As I hold my family to me

And listen to the light

Try to stay clean

All an evil agenda

If they ever actually listened to good advice

And this po can go screw himself

Too bad I mentally scarred him

Cheating snake

and I know God

Not a white supremasict Christian

And fake billions and millions

14 May 2024

I don't even know why

I need to be policed. I donmt even do anything illegal and I also don't hurt anybody.

And I also wonder why out of all these people I am singled out.

I also donnt know why they won't let the meds just work, maybe they don't want them too.

And US freed 6 billion for Hamas.

And I don't even need to go anywhere, it's just their stupid system and stupid people.

and people mad and jealous of what I had

and I'm not any singular or group.

I've been everywhere, and now I choose to be alone.

And I don't deserve that pedophile harassing me.

As I value Ms. Stefani and the new Joker 2 movie in October, for going to tell my story.

I wish I coild reach you, or anyone.

I wish people reached out to me more.

Maybe I'm too far out.

And I didn't die and they wouldn't assist my suicide.

And now I don't deserve the cops harassing me.

I didn't even do anything wrong.

And please, I hope someone sees this.

As I believe in equality and fairness.

And these are just my people, my fellow Americans.

And I don't deaerve police brutality or weaponizing the justice system. As I can just focus on my own self care and needs.

It should be, respecting people's rights and property.

And I am not at war with anyone, myself.

And I deserve to be treated with fairness and kindness.

And appreciate those who value me.

As I ignore this BS system.

And I hope someome reads this.

As I fight to get off probation early.

I hope they do, and I can be left alone. With just my own peace of my mind.

But I gueas, like they say, I attract everything, because of my aura and light, and everyone, even the crooked ass cops.

Because, I do all of them.

And they can't touch me.

They never will.

alThey just don't know how to deal with.

A persona, a force, like me.

Because I am gold, I am light.

And he can fade away.

Because he can't handle the truth.

And they can't handle their own policies.

And I am free

I am free.

You can't touch me.

9 May 2024


1 year ten months in probation, and there is 2 months to go.

As the whole city, gets so dry, the cars and ant colony buzzing around.

And it gets so dull, I'm waiting to move.

So as in the Shawshank Redemption, it is the same story.

I found a place in Florida, I petition.

I contact all defense attorneys and associations.

Yet I have to see this same demon everyday, because that is what it is.

And the people are too busy to notice.

So my request for transfer or ending today.

I hope goes heard.

And maybe it was all like a boomerang, but I thought my karma was good now.

It is just, enduring the suffering and torture.

As I have my passport, my money,

and I am waiting for them.

To let me go.

I can't stand it anymore

It is pure suffering and torture.

Maybe most people.

Aren't as kind as you.

8 May 2024

I dont think you should be doing this to me

What on Earth did I do to them.

Are they psychopaths

why are they psychopaths

ehy am i so related to the war

she praised me

they all praise me 

why do uou even do this to me

what did i do to you

where god

this is all academic abuse

7 May 2024

Fuck the police

They are all the real pedophiles.

And I would be better off alone.

But they all follow me, well some of them, some of them are good.

And with money hard to come by

I need to get the hell away from all those power hungry control freaks and liars and losers who are

pedophiles and stalkers.

I hate them.

4 May 2024

Covid 19

Was a bad thing

And they make it worse

By hurting me

And being pedophiles

And I know the truth of the matter.

You wouldnt know what to do without me

And I will be without thee

And he can be more honest

All of Joe Bidens world and problems

A NWO America destroying stooge.

And I

let the guide

Guide my way

1 May 2024

Beauty then sadness

I have to deal, with being so peaceful.

Then this demon attacking me.

Because he could never make amends.

Why is that impossible for some.

And the others who want to control your life and thoughts.

I think I was always much more educated and enlightened than that.

And they make me do all this.

And I can't find many things good in the world.

And they are bad people.

Trying to control me and

my whole lives and the thieves and murderers.

When I was always just.

The enlightened one.

I knew, about thay truth.

And that is why.

They try to haunt stalk and harass me.

And I can't do much about it.

What can I do.

No meds work.

It's a mess

a nightmare.

I find more solace in the dead.

And I'm landlocked.

I can't even leave the country.

And why can't I find anything good in this world.

I'd rather be in the next one. 

But they won't even let me do that.

So they circus around my head

Like I'm their parade.


I'm their everything.

I just want peace love and understanding.

And freedom.

But this is what they did.

The psychopaths

28 Apr 2024

I do think

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