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12 Jul 2024

What do they fear

Me, the truth or the lies.

A lie of the population.

Being surrounded by kids.

Maybe I have to mentor them.

And alpha lies

They fear themselves deep down inside.

As well as their buried down trauma.

So is the nature of my gift.

And people who want to diminish it and set you up.

A war with themselves.

A population at war with themselves.

Her little vanity setting up all my poetry and ideas.

Evil and wrongdoers

Why don't they wake up.

i don't think any of the population is woken up.

Or capable of attaining the highest truth.

I wish they were gone.

And I was in a place in space.

Certified pedophiles.

What did you do but lie.

I have desires.

To be free and alone.

And so was he.

So were all of them.

And I can go to war with the evil.

As they say.

They are obliged to be truthful and understand the correct path.

They should be.

And I wish you could all just be united.

But you all make this life

Hell on Earth.

And I will deal with all the sadness and pain.

Because it's all lies torture.

A nation at war with itself.

When will it ever change.

When the population wakes up

And these kids go home.

And one day I will go far away.

It can all be a comedy

Becausr YOU can stop speaking to others about me without speaking to me directly.

And you're all idiots 

For believing everything Taylor Swift says and her whole album dedicated to me.

As well as Eminem's song.

You should all drive more

In Samsara.

8 Jul 2024

I was reminded of love.

And why I'm always alone.

Because I'm just a bit of every condition.

Which one do I have.

But anyways I'm autistic somewhat.

But I grew out of it many times.

And people show me love

But the devil always has its footing.

And now I believe I have no one left.

But demons.

That's why I don't fit into a traditional society.

And people always doubt my intelligence and bring me down and are interested in their covert agents and secrecy.

I guess you were a Freemason.

And they are some shadowy cabal.

And I value the people who give me a platform.

While another tries sabotage my website and page.

And the new area is a bit different.

Well there's more things for me.

Although it is just the market.

And too bad these people set me up.

And they want their sinister shadows together.

Pop stars quit hiding.

They are this sinister plot.

And I wish people would realize.

I actually do act the movies they act.

And now what is left but death and lost love.

And why can't I ever deal with this.

Sometimes a sad life.

I can get away to a place somewhere.

Cause I psychoanalyze my teachers.

And people and I strive to make this all better.

I work to improve it.

maybe it will get better

Only time will tell.

As they all did that.

And I wish for more.

As I can be better at the end of the day.

And hope and a new life.

Too bad my vision is in the wrong hands.

And too bad they never understand.

And maybe they are just neurotypical.

And I have to fight them everyday.

When will you ever give to me.

As I have given to you.

And setting me up.

Just because you don't understand the truth.

As I spawn another one.

To be at peace

Free at last.

And I will endure it all.


6 Jul 2024

I think people should be in the middle

Because that gives you a good enough range and expression to communicate.

And also the transhumanist agenda and clones need to be revised.

It's a multipolar world.

And equality for all would mean free energy.

Freedom of living.

And lower costs

But greed and human consumption

keeps prices from being lower.

Because people are hungry ghosts and always want more for themselves.

The basic needs and life should start first

But I guess there are individual differences

However some people should improve their thinking.

Because how many people do we need at the end of the day.

Just be more kind.

And people should be good

As the material science transgresses

And liars and politicians and fake enterprise can cease.

With the advent of the immaterial.

The quantum world.

And seeing some beauty and truth in my spirit friends.

And some people need revise their whole conceptions of reality.

Because it has been proven and demonstrated.

And it's a science

Not a faith

Not a false ideology or fixed belief.

People should be flexible and adaptable to change to solve the world's problems.

People can improve.

And so should liars cheats and thieves.

As well as the basic principles.

That is all.

Have a good one.

29 Jun 2024

What did I say or what was really done

I dont want to believe or say any of that

I dont want any of thatto happen.

Thats not even the full truth of the whole thing.

My words dont mean everything.

My hate for people doesnt mean anything.

It should all be love.

I dont mean half of what I say or some of it.

There has to be some love.

I hope you can understand.

That It should be all love and burying resentments.

As I need a better new therapist and a new place.

I dont want it to be any of that.

It doesnt mean anything or the narrative.

It is not all me.

It is just one thing.

27 Jun 2024

He's simply corrupt and overly simplisitic in his thinking

Because of a divine trick.

They set me up with this person.

And so did all them.

And no matter how many times people try to save me.

This demon who oddly thinks he's morally superior which is not the case rapes me and assaults me.

As my friend said, a vile creature.

A crazy fan.

A doomed city until Romero or Hobbs or whomever deals with it.

As I'm waiting for a check, 

but i might go one way, as my friend would say.

If I could geta job or workaway.

But I've been seeing spirits ever since I was little.

And this idiot Nazi should understand it.

That's why I report it.

And he's not an angel.

He works for a corrupt department.

That I'm officially off of.

That I have to deal with the iluminatti

And people targetting my website.

Well you all read it.

Too bad she couldn't kill you.

As much as she wanted to.

Now I have to suffer needlessly.

Because there is not a place on this Earth.

For me.

25 Jun 2024

What do I get

I wish peoplewouldn't use all ofmy words.

And he acts like a child

and i have a few loyal friends.

And this nightmare as I wait for a cheaper apartment.

But I wouldnt I be better far away?

Well I can put it in a notice

And I need to do something

Because this online harassment

And the truth that never gets revealed.

And the ways of the world.

And freedom in life

Shouldn't they end all the wars

Well you know they are just greedy and materialistic.

Like I said greed and violence was caused by all their greediness.

And I'm sure some of you aren't.

And they are literal demons.




Unforgiving desert.

And old buildings and people.

And a 5g virus that may not be the same.

Shouldn't good always win.

I thought ir always did

And this is pure evil

But good always wins

So do lies get exposed

So do beauty and truth

So doea the beauty and truth of people

But it's a black magic

Evil eye

Bad work

And bad lies

And evil intentions

And misguided and severly disturbed motives.

I will break free one day

For now

I have to keep seeing the beauty

The meaning in the suffering

And taking care of myself when they are violent.

I hope you dear my friend and love

Will read this.

19 Jun 2024

I returned home

I wonder why my viewers dropped. I hope people are interested.

I was in San Diego, for four days. I had some very good times and memories.

However, the good things are always cast with the dark.

I went around the whole city, however there are just a lot of people and it gets overwhelming.

I do appreciate all of the people, and especially the women, the divine feminine, the beauty they have.

And some good people, and I enjoy, however, it seemed like there were threats to my life. Maybe because they think I'm a certain person wherever I am.

But it seems like everything dropped on my page and views.

Well I write, about it, because I got sick and am recovering and resting here, I do appreciate the healing qualities of the desert. The desert, is very.

And I am moving closer to university, because I have fond memories there, and a better rent rate.

And I live in my multiverse, the multiverse is the thing now.

So I try to enjoy it, and I want others to enjoy it and be a part of it too.

And I want positive energy, nothing negative. Negative energy is a burden.

And wishing for a successful ending of here, as well as not being called names or a different race or anything like that.

In the multiverse, we have to be more understanding of people in it, how our actions influence others.

And it can he more prosperous and joyous, open, understanding.

And I wait patiently, while I just rest and lay, just wanting everything to finish well here:

And everything can improve and be more equal, an equal society.

And not a hateful society.

A more open; inclusive one.

That is more honest and brave:

And free, especially free, and not angry:

So these are all of my thoughts.

Until next time, Jamil

10 Jun 2024

Well I left but the reasons why

I've learned some things already.

I was trying to get a relief from actually technically finishing probation.

But was still dealing with him, and triple degree heat.

So I booked the train to San Diego.

And I have a pretty good place and I hope it's good.

And I return the 17th to Tucson, because it's important to continue trying to do some things there like move which I need to work on.

If this place accepts me.

But I also think the university was so rude in the conference toward me them specifically and also not really getting me as much involved or engaged sometimes they did others times it was difficult.

But you know I just needed space and they need space to help me with that.

And I am so much reminded of one true kindred spirit.

She knows who she is.

And I was so fortunate to have known and her and others who have been so beautiful.

And amazing.

And I come to California with good intentions.

While I work on my old soul retirement haha.

Well then it could help me go more places once we complete it.

But I think people understand.

And the smallest emotion can be conveyed to anyone no matter how different they are.

And I also think I am lucky to have all of you as readers following my posts.

I am going to share more about it, much more, and I will be doing a lot more writing.

And I hope they do well when I return the 17th.

Here's hoping,

and thanks


8 Jun 2024

I'm off to California tomorrow

I have a place for a good while.

I'm perfectly confident of the digital world.

But we must obey the laws of physics.

And ensure everything in a country functions.

And the rest can scream away

Go away

I'm free 

i have to see the beauty and the scenes.

While my own abilities and remote viewing and seeing all the spirits sometimes gets in the way.

The actual action is what counts.

And I can be healthy safe and prosperous.

If I shut out all of the drama of my own home.

And be who I used to be.

And the more followers I had

The bigger the target on my head.

So I have a place and more to come.

While it will be peace.

7 Jun 2024

How do I believe in

The whole mockery was them making a mockery out of them while it was deviating from the impure.

I never want to be like them.

I just want to speak my words and thoughts on the platforms.

And it is very sad they fight over simply land in the wars.

And I wish my community was better everyday🙏

But it is getting triple digits.

Because so many people are addicted to oil.

I don't drive that much, but it should go electric.

And the reality is it very much only a tenth of a degree.

However it is still reasonable to say that would rise over time.

And also my truth, my heart to you.

For beauty and wisdom.

And knowledge, and safety.

Believe in what really happened.

The truth shall set you free

6 Jun 2024

I dont like being hrassed ir demonizedwhat did i do that was so bad?I dont do anything bad really at all. I dont deserve this. A

4 Jun 2024

This will be the last thing I say in a minute

I guess a good amount of people come here.

Firstly, I already knew God and had God's wisdom in my 20s.

I met a revelatory figure who championed and encouraged the Spirit within me.

I have long since atoned and believed in Jesus since then.

I also have has a troubled rod with my own faith.

As the state, government and corporate power's try to override God and faith and religion in general.

Yet everyone believes in something, even if you're Atheist.

So to understand God and the power of the holy spirit.

Or God in any faith tradition, and it is a very similar visceral experience in all of them.

The corporate and satanic psychopathic behaviors are what cause the mess in the world.

But understanding wisdom, gnosis, quantum physics, ans spirituality, with a more holistic world. is my view.

Because then people would just be kind in general, and have post conventional morality when they grow.

And the line between good and evil wouldn't be so blurry.

If we could alter our DNA to be a more perfect species, and understand AI, but have much needed human intelligence with it.

And as I apply  for an SSDI check, that I hope will be a higher amount, that would offset the whole digitial AI revolution within my own view and vision.

To expand social security and give them checks to offset labor replaced by AI would be the goal.

But with all these businesses in AI, it seems everyone just wants to leave me behind, because I have short work history and took vows of poverty as part of my religion years ago.

So maybe, I am very progressed spiritually, but not as much materially.

But I hope that will change with what we are applying for, hope, as pray.

And these psychopaths and sociopaths should learn how to mirror and train themselves to think more compassionately.

And as I have this rotating circus around my head, if I get the check, I can get out of the country and go to a more peaceful place.

Because to travel the world was a great thing, so was college, so was learning.

I'm just a drop in the ocean.

Who had a simple life.

And just wants to be seen, respected, encouraged.

Because for the 99%, life is all about survival.

Life about survivial, and hopefully them adjusting for inflation.

And if I was in a sustainable community.

Maybe I wouldn't have this life.

And they created me as a directed energy weapon anyways.

And stop cowering and be a respectable human being.

Ms. Harris

So with the rest of the government.

So also for anyone else.

Who even wanted to sick this dog on me.

Maybe you can just be more spiritual and loving.

Like some people are.

4 Jun 2024

Warmongerers and lies

Creating war

Raising prices

We need to he more involved.

4 Jun 2024

Squealy little pedophiles

Literally the dirtiest department

I get an official order from the judge

I can even share it here.

But this sore loser stalked me on the internet.

Now he's a creeper.

And for the rest of them


really is bad and so disturbing.

A nightmare

But I find my comforts

More like the shining.

And more like my light dimming

Because maybe I had to improve that.

And I would appreciate any comments toward my work.

I will wait for a special someone to quit them and not have them stalk or be in

my spiritual world


I am that

Saint Germaine

Dont even touch me

Sick department


Dirty money

Dirty ideas

They are illogical vindictive

bitter jealous of my work


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